Jewelry Appraisal Fees

Insurance Appraisal Reports for one item or small collections

$125 to $195 First Item Fee - Unusual or complex items may be more due to the additional laboratory or research time required to properly value the item.

Each Additional Item $50 to $75 - Some items may be more and some items may be less; please contact Nina for an estimate.

Diamond Engagement Rings & Large Diamonds

The following prices include accenting melee.

Diamond Weight Stone Fee
0.50 CT - 0.99 ct $ 125
1.00 CT - 1.99 ct $ 195 identifying plot drawn
2.00 CT - 2.99 ct $ 245 identifying plot drawn
3.00 CT - 3.99 ct $ 295 identifying plot drawn
OVER 4.00 ct Please contact Nina directly for a quote

Jewelry items containing more than one large diamond receive a price adjustment. I am happy to quote a fee on these items. Please contact Nina.

Large Insurance Collections, Estate Tax, Equitable Distribution, Divorce, Resale and Specialty Reports

Insurance appraisals for large jewelry collections or appraisals for purposes other than insurance ( estate tax, equitable distribution, divorce, re-sale or specialty reports) are priced based on a hourly rate scale taking into consideration the scope of the appraisal assignment. Please call Nina to discuss this type of report. The per item fee scale above most likely will be much higher than the actual appraisal fee.

Updates are offered up to 5 years from the original report date

Payment: We accept payment by cash or check.

Please do not hesitate to call Nina for a fee estimate.