Jewelry Appraisal Process

Preparing an appraisal is a five step process. Below is a summary of each step.


Please bring all previous appraisals, laboratory reports, sales receipts and other descriptive documents to your appointment. They are reviewed after laboratory inspection is completed. Extraordinary discrepancies are discussed with you prior to completing your appraisal. Actual weights and laboratory reports are verified and included in your final appraisal report.


Preliminary appraisal report information is obtained and the purpose and intended use of the report established. This determines the price level reflected in the report and the detail to which it is written. An estimated fee is quoted and estimated completion date determined.

Laboratory Inspection

Detailed quality and condition information is determined and recorded for each item (i.e gemstone measurements, proportions, quality and identifying information and the mounting metal, condition and style.) Prior documentation provided by the client is reviewed. Each item is photographed.

Inspection takes approximately 30 minutes per item. Items of complicated design or containing unusual gemstones may require additional inspection time.

Research and Valuation

Pricing information and comparable sales are researched. Values are then placed on each item based on the purpose and intended use of the report established during the appointment.

Report Generation

Detailed descriptions, valuations, photographs and supporting documentation are compiled into a comprehensive appraisal document. You decide if you want the appraisal emailed to mailed via the postal service. Most reports follow within 10 working days after the inspection.