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Estate and Trust Administrators

Estate Tax Appraisals for IRS purposes are written at Fair Market Value. Distribution appraisals may be written at Fair Market Value or a Cash Conversion Value. This all depends on each estate's particular needs.

Fair Market Value Appraisal comparable auction sales are researched and analyzed based on their similarity to the items being appraised.

Fair Market Value Appraisals are USPAP compliant (Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice), written to the more stringent requirements of the American Society of Appraiser.

Nina Woolford is a Qualified Appraiser surpassing the IRS Publication 561 Revision 4/2007 requirements for an individual preparing tax related appraisals.

Cash Conversion Appraisals or Net Cash to the Estate Appraisals reflect an estimate of what the estate could expect if the items were sold and all commissions and fees were deducted from estimated sale amounts. There are times when this is the best market level to reflect for estate purposes.

Nina will discuss your needs with you and determine which market level best suits them.

If a written appraisal is not needed and the items are to be sold then Nina provides a professional Jewelry Brokerage Service to assists executors and family members in converting jewelry items into cash.