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Estate and Trust

CM Woolford offers Distribution, Resale and Cash Conversion type appraisals for estate inventory and settlement purposes. The type of appraisal depends on each estate's particular needs.

Nina's service is confidential. Client information is securely maintained.

Nina's experience, education and collective network of experts allows her to accept the simple, straight forward distribution to the most complex and challenging assignment.

These appraisals reflect a opinion of cash to the estate values. This would be what the estate could expect if the items were sold, commissions and fees may or may not be taken into consideration depending on the need of the estate.

Nina will discuss with you what you need and determine which approach best fits.

If a written appraisal is not needed and the items are to be sold then Nina provides a professional Jewelry Brokerage Service to assist executors and family members in converting jewelry items into cash.

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